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Use technology to feed people!


The goal of the application is to reduce global food waste and redirect resources to those who need it.

The application addresses both tourists and managers in the HORECA field.


Application which helps the event manager. It helps managing the availability of rooms and create personalized offers based on the event.

The application highlights the promptness of offering a personalized and detailed offer.


E-commerce website

We develop e-commerce websites of various sizes, using eCommerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce, which they optimize and set them for making the indexing as fast as possible.

An enormous advantage is that you can add an unlimited number of products to a Magento online store. In addition, for each of these you can get reviews, customer ratings (these features are included) and you can optimize them yourself, making the platform very accessible.

You can manage your own content, products, pages, menus, slides and sections in the store through the administration interface in Romanian. 

We offer support in the planning of shop design and design.

Presentation websites

By creating complex mockups, following the requirements, we provide websites for customers in different business areas. Customers benefit from the most enjoyable experience using CMS platforms.

A presentation site, regardless of the size of your business, represents your image on the internet and is a possibility to attract new customers. This is the easiest and most affordable way to promote your services.

When we make a project, we think it as if we were visitors to the site and potential customers. Both site design and structure need to be easy to understand and use.

We provide support in site and design structure planning.



~Presentation Website~


~E-commerce website~



~Presentation Website~


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