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We use our entire experience to deliver the most refined and robust web applications, standalone software and other IT services. We develop personalized applications for your business: creating web pages, mobile applications, desktop applications, and distributed applications.

We briefly use all the tools to successfully accomplish our goals:
- For websites we are using: HTML, CSS, Java script, Ajax, Flash, JQuery, BootStrap, etc.
- For software applications we are using relational databases like: Microsoft SQL, SQLlite, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, etc.
- For software application development we are using LAMP (Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL)

They create the possibility of having important advantages:
⁃ zero licensing costs
⁃ Low maintenance server costs
⁃ Low costs for further development
⁃ hardware platforms with reasonable prices

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Your work environment can be a stable one thanks to our maintenance and optimization services for web pages and various existing software.
Updating and modifying the content of web pages (text, images, multimedia content) processing and optimizing multimedia content for the Internet.
Minor changes (in site design, application functionality) according to requirements. Set up and manage email accounts, FTP, account usage. For the good running of the site over time, updates and upgrades are inevitable and necessary. This avoids many dysfunctions.
We offer you the ability to manage your site developed by us through an easy interface.


Our company offers you the possibility to promote your website online. We optimize the advantages and disadvantages of each online promotion way to achieve the desired results.
Link building ⁃ Create a network of links to send as many visitors as possible to your site.
The Benefits of an Online Website Promotion Strategy:
- Increase awareness of your business and brand
- Increase the visibility of your business and products or services
- A visible increase in the number of potential customers
- A much higher conversion rate

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We know everyone now has a personal Facebook page. We help you promote your services / business and on this social platform services.


Google AdWords is an online promotion service that shows your ad / ad in the list of search results, an easy way to get you noticed.


We encourage you to trust your potential or current customers. We send emails with ads, posters or banners to promote your business.